MicromistNOW launches Indiegogo Campaign for the QuickNIC Nicotine Inhaler

July 15th, 2015, Pleasant Grove, UT—MicromistNOW announced today that it is launching an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for its new product QuickNIC. QuickNIC is a small, portable inhaler that delivers a fine mist of nicotine that is quickly absorbed through the lungs into the blood stream within 30 seconds.  It allows smokers and vapers to discreetly satisfy their nicotine cravings without toxic chemicals, second-hand smoke, combustion or batteries.

“Indiegogo is the perfect platform for launching QuickNIC,” said Kevin Shurtleff, CEO and founder of MicromistNOW. ”We’ve invested a lot of money in R&D and manufacturing equipment, but we need the pre-orders that come from the Indiegogo community and platform to do our first production run and get this innovative product into the hands of customers.”

Life for the 1 billion smokers and vapers worldwide is becoming more difficult. Regulations, restrictions and social pressures make getting through the day pretty challenging. Whether it is enduring a long movie, finding time to take a break at work, eating at restaurants, flying on airplanes, or even driving with the kids.

QuickNIC delivers nicotine anytime; anywhere someone has a nicotine craving. Each breath of QuickNIC delivers .33 mg of nicotine or about the same nicotine as one-third of a cigarette. QuickNIC comes in 2 different flavors, cinnamon and menthol and contains about 90 breaths.

One of the pre-release testers, Aaron Dyer, said of his experience with QuickNIC, “At work I am busy all day and can’t really predict when I will get time off for breaks. QuickNIC is fast, effective, and odorless. So I can use it whenever I need it.”

QuickNIC’s Indiegogo campaign starts today July 15th and runs through August 12th, 2015. Special perks including free shipping, t-shirts and a lifetime discount are available on the campaign website.


Pricing for a QuickNIC inhaler is $12.00 and through August 12th, 2015 QuickNIC is only available through the Indiegogo platform.

About MicromistNOW

MicromistNOW is a leading provider of fast, inhalable products that improve people’s everyday lives. Headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, MicromistNOW designs and manufactures unique inhalable products that are distributed through smoke shops and convenience and grocery stores. More information on the QuickNIC product can be found on the web at www.quicknicmist.com or by calling 800-485-7939.

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