Taking a breath of QuickNIC is a different experience than smoking or vaping, although the results are the same. QuickNIC is effective at giving you an immediate nicotine buzz.

The nicotine mist from QuickNIC comes out pretty quick and if you don’t inhale it fully, it may make you cough the first few times. However, after a few times most people adjust quickly to the new experience.

Nicotine also causes a little burning sensation on the back of your throat.

Currently you can only purchase QuickNIC on our online store.  However, we want to quickly get QuickNIC to a smoke shop, vaping shop or convenience store near you.  Please refer your favorite shop to our website or have them call 800-485-7939 or email resellers@micromistnow.com.

QuickNIC is not currently regulated by the US FDA. However, MicromistNow manufactures QuickNIC according to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) to ensure its safety for our customers.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding do NOT use QuickNIC. Nicotine causes birth defects.

Talk to your doctor if you take other medications. QuickNIC contains nicotine, which is already in your system if you are a smoker. Nicotine in your system may affect how your body handles medications. Talk to your doctor about this if you take prescription drugs for asthma or depression.

Talk to your doctor before using QuickNIC if you have any of the following:

  • A sodium-restricted diet
  • Heart disease, recent heart attack, or irregular heart beat
  • High blood pressure not controlled with medication
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Diabetes

Yes, QuickNIC should only be used by smokers and vapers.

QuickNIC has not been tested by the FDA to be a proven smoking cessation device.  However, QuickNIC causes significantly less harm to individuals than smoking or vaping because there is no combustion, heating, tar or other harmful materials.

Use QuickNic, when you can’t smoke or vape.

No, there is no sugar or calories in QuickNIC.

Yes, each breath of QuickNIC contains about 75 microliters of ethanol, which has very, very small physiological effects.

Keep QuickNIC out of the reach of children.  If your child shows sign of overdose, immediately call Poison Control 800-222-1222 and seek medical help.

If QuickNIC comes in contact with the skin or eyes, quickly and thoroughly rinse the area with running water.

You will receive about .25 mg of pure nicotine per breath of QuickNIC.


We recommend taking less than 10 breaths of QuickNIC per hour.
Each breath of QuickNIC delivers .25 mg of nicotine to your lungs.  If you’re a heavy smoker or use a concentrated nicotine vaping liquid you can take more breaths.

Regulate the amount of nicotine in your body by varying the time between breaths of QuickNIC.

QuickNIC uses HFA 134 as the propellant to form the mist.  HFA 134 is generally recognized as safe by the FDA and is the same propellant used in asthma inhalers.

QuickNIC is intended for current tobacco users.  Nicotine is highly addictive and should not be used by non-tobacco users.

QuickNIC expires in one year from its manufacture date.

It is not a great idea to leave QuickNIC in your car as it needs to be stored between 0° and 110° F.  High temperatures could cause the pressure to rise in the mister and cause it to leak.

Nicotine containing tobacco products have been inhaled through smoking for thousands of years. Scientific studies have shown that nicotine is not carcinogenic, although it is highly addictive and can cause birth defects.