What to do when you can’t vape?

Article from QuickNIC on VaporVanity.com talks about the various options for smokers and vapors when they are restricted from smoking and vaping. http://www.vaporvanity.com/what-to-do-when-you-cant-vape/

Smokie’s video review of QuickNIC for when you can’t vape or smoke!

Smokie the video blogger reviewed our QuickNIC nicotine inhaler live from his car! After trying the product for the first time live, Smokie had this to say! “It does definitely work, I’m getting my Nic buzz right now! If you’re on a plane, restaurant, someplace for a couple hours, a concert, a sporting event, anyplace where they are not going …

MicromistNOW launches Indiegogo Campaign for the QuickNIC Nicotine Inhaler

July 15th, 2015, Pleasant Grove, UT—MicromistNOW announced today that it is launching an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for its new product QuickNIC. QuickNIC is a small, portable inhaler that delivers a fine mist of nicotine that is quickly absorbed through the lungs into the blood stream within 30 seconds.  It allows smokers and vapers to discreetly satisfy their nicotine cravings without …


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