The QuickNIC non-prescription, nicotine inhaler quickly satisfies nicotine cravings by delivering a fine mist of nicotine to the lungs where it is quickly absorbed.

In situations where smoking and vaping are restricted, QuickNIC allows you to discreetly breathe nicotine. Each breath contains .25 mg of nicotine. Each QuickNIC inhaler contains about 95 breaths, which equals about 2 packs of cigarettes.

Check out the video review from the video blogger Smokie on QuickNIC!

“It does definitely work, I’m getting my Nic buzz right now! If you’re on a plane, restaurant, someplace for a couple hours, a concert, a sporting event, anyplace where they are not going to allow you to vape, get one of these!”



Where do you QuickNIC?



The QuickNIC inhaler delivers 5-10 micron-sized particles deep into the lungs, satisfying nicotine cravings for smokers and vapers.

To use QuickNIC breathe out. Aim the inhaler into your mouth and while breathing in, press the canister once. Hold your breath 2-3 seconds. That’s it!



Satisfies Nicotine Cravings Anywhere, Anytime.
QuickNIC is small, discrete and portable. Use it in the office, airplane, car and restaurants – anywhere smoking and vaping are restricted.

Quick to take effect.
QuickNIC’s small particle-size allows nicotine to be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, through the lungs in about 30 seconds.

No restrictions!
Each breath of QuickNIC is absorbed and not exhaled, so no one will even know you’re using it.

Control your nicotine use.
QuickNIC delivers .25 mg of pure nicotine per breath and each inhaler has 95 breaths, which is equal to about two packs of cigarettes.

No combustion, toxic chemicals or batteries.
QuickNIC’s mist is delivered via aerosol. Which means there are no worries about toxic chemicals and re-charging vaping batteries.

Comes in three flavors.
Cinamon, Methol and Tobacco